Bobby Stuckey
Arizona has changed so much in the last 20 years. I am a AZ native who has been living in Colorado and Napa for the last 20 plus years. From a Food and Wine stand point it has changed immensely. I think about coming to visit my parents now in Scottsdale and seeing what Sommelier Pavle from FNB has in store for me with a wine list of Arizona wines. Amazing. The next step would be the success and execution from the Arizona Vignerons Alliances.  This gives the Arizona winemaker a platform to showcase and continue to develop a sense of place and origin. Not unlike the great changes we are seeing in Italy specifically Sicily. While there will be platforms that work and some that will need further tweaking this is a major first step in the right direction. As we keep in mind perfecting something is a journey not a destination.

Bobby Stuckey M.S

Frasca Food and Wine
Pizzeria Locale
Scarpetta Wine Company
Boulder Colorado.