FullSizeRenderThere is always criticism when anything goes against the accepted routine of mediocrity. America produces world class wines but it seems to receive said accolades with a sporadic sense of accomplishment, and not with a clear sense of origin or defining characteristic. The Arizona Vignerons Alliance is doing something that has not been undertaken elsewhere in the USA and is a landmark precedent in the production of quality wines. With the exception of having outright membership, this is a model that has similarities to Germany’s Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter, Spain’s DO Pagos, or Champagne’s Special Club. It’s no mistake that these organizations produce some of the greatest wines in the world with regulations more strict than what is required by situs law in the area/appellation. I am excited to see the efforts and wines produced from the set of regulations being enacted by AVA. This is not a means to showcase elitism or to bash anyone’s efforts; it is an opportunity to look within and rethink efforts in winemaking to produce the best wines possible. This is an amazing thing for Arizona and I feel with its success, it will spread to other regions in the New World to elevate the quality of the wines produced .”

-Jason Caballero
Lead Sommelier – Michael Mina’s Bourbon Steak Scottsdale
Certified Sommelier (Court of Master Sommeliers)
Twitter: @JasonCaballero
Instagram: @jcabsommelier