I love the fact that the AVA seal–at its lowest common denominator–guarantees provenance. There will never be any question whether your wine is 100% from Arizona. As a service to consumers, it’s very beneficial. It seems to me that if you only have to report 75% of what’s in the bottle, then the allure of getting less expensive bulk wine from other areas outside of the state is there and will continue to go undisclosed–which ultimately undermines this state’s efforts in terms of quality and evolution in the right direction. Does this alliance ensure that the wine you get will be better? Ideally it will over time. This is another way to categorize a wine for consumers and provide localized research for farmers and winemakers. I still will continue to support producers who I respect and trust. But then again, I have the luxury of tenured relationships built on mutual respect. At the end of the day, you have to trust your palate. I applaud the efforts of winemakers and winegrowers who continue to provide a culture that validates Arizona’s terroir and the potential we have in the wine conversation on the world’s stage. Tata!

-Pavle Milic
Co-Owner, FnB Scottsdale
Los Milics Wines