sariyaSerious and emerging wine regions worldwide have long relied on the platform of peer review and cooperative research in order to build, from within, a standard of quality that bears the mark of regional authenticity.  Arizona’s recent and hard-earned viticultural successes have pushed the state to the cusp of emerging as the next, great, American wine growing region.  The Arizona Vignerons Alliance comes into existence at a crucial time, when assisting in shaping quality standards in viticulture and viniculture will boost Arizona’s integrity as a veritable wine region to national and international standards.  This can only be good news for Arizona’s continued reputation as a center for gastronomy and tourism – especially with the 2015 UNESCO designation of Tucson as a World City of Gastronomy already recorded. I commend the pioneering group that formed the Arizona Vignerons Alliance. These individuals step into uncharted soils in search of inspiring other vignerons to rise to the ideals that will unify Arizona as a world-class wine growing region.

Sariya Jarasviroj Brown, Founder:  Circo Vino