Stuart Pigott

In Arizona between the Grand Canyon and the border with Mexico 300 miles to the south lies the Wild West of American Wine. Although grapes were first planted there and wine made at least half a century before the Pilgrims reached Plymouth in 1620, the modern Arizona wine industry is just emerging. The members of the Arizona Vignerons Alliance are a group of daring pioneers working with great determination to figure out what the state’s vineyards are really capable of. It was seriously exciting for me to follow them and document this in my e-book for Kindle ROCK STARS OF WINE AMERICA #2.

The foundation of the AVA is a vital step in the process of putting down the foundations for an Arizona wine industry that could continue to flourish in one, two and more generations time. That task requires not only professionalism in grape growing and winemaking, even more it demands a willingness to stand on the edge of the known and, without any reference points or role models, to reach out for possibilities that nobody has yet even realized are out there. The founding members of the Arizona Vignerons Alliance have this kind of courage.

-Stuart Pigott
Wine writer and critic