Taras Ochota There are a stash of winemakers who have made the choice to craft gorgeous wine in a region that is the classic underdog.I have made, swum in, and drunk wine around the world which have in some ways opened my eyes, but at the same time in some areas, I’ve become a bit sleepy to be honest.

I’ve met some of these creative cats and in this thankfully increasingly creative wine world I have seen thought, insight and individual direction towards terroir, variety, style and true deliciousness. I mean… If it’s not about being delicious then we have become lost in this crazy organoleptic world.
I think anything that allows the world to take the blinkers off and see what this area and wine shapers have to offer is a yes yes please from me.
Im all about the wholistic process and  ‘less is more’ individualism which seems to be the foundation of this exciting region.
Run with it…….make more
         – Taras Ochota
           Owner & Winemaker
           Ochota Barrels Artisan Wines
           Adelaide Hills, SA